IMAGE CAPTION – More camp fun at Timberlake!

Well, it’s official, Nick Potts won the sombrero contest! It was hiding in one of the fencing

pictures. Good eye Nick! Way to go. We will keep moving it around to different spots on the site,

so make sure to keep clicking around to find that hat! Also, we would love for you to sign in on

the Morning Yell bulletin board! I have already really enjoyed talking to those of you who have

signed in.

Any counselor news to report?

I just found out that former trip staffer, Dallas Ketchum, kayaked the entire Mississippi River

from way up at the headwaters (I guess near the Great Lakes) all the way down near New Orleans! He

was accompanied by Bech Evan’s older brother, Josh. That must have been quite an epic journey!

Also, James Chally, former counselor and climbing staffer has just left for Iraq. He joined the

military a year ago after his summer here on staff. He said that he is doing well, and I will make

sure to keep you updated on his time there.

Stephen Owens and Bryan Harris are about to run in a marathon this weekend in Kiawah Island, SC.

They have been training for that for a while, but Stephen seems a little nervous. Twenty six miles

is a long way!

What about camp? How is it?

Great! We are building a new kayaking/canoeing dock, and have torn down the one that was there

(with the lifeguard stand). Also, the lake is drained and it looks weird, but we had to do it in

order to build the new dock and the waterslide. Don’t worry about the coy, they are all hanging out

in the diving well section where it is nice and deep. I bet they are cold though with this harsh


I guess that is all for now. You guys have a great holiday season!