IMAGE CAPTION – offseason at camp

Can you believe that Christmas and New Years are over? I really can’t. We here at Timberlake

are dying to know what you have been up to over the holidays, so if you have time log in to the

Morning Yell and fill us in on

what has been going on. Also, it would be great to have some pictures from you guys so that I can

post them here with the Timbertales! You can email those to me at [email protected]

How did we spend our holidays?

Well, all of us went home to see family. I went to Mississippi where my family lives and got to

spend time with my sister’s new fiancee, Kirk. Great guy and I think he is going to be a wonderful

addition to the family! Stephen went home to Fayetteville for a little bit, but ended up going out

to Colorado for a really awesome ski trip! How lucky is that guy? I have posted a picture from

that trip. Also, there is a picture up there from the marathon that Bryan harris and Stephen were

in. Chris Galloway also ran a marathon, but as of yet I don’t have any pictures from that.

So any new counselors to report?

I thought you’d never ask! Absolutely! Over the holidays we hired Steve Walton, AKA Steve-O,

and wildman/archery extraordinaire Alex Deckard are both officially returning to camp this summer!

Needless to say, we are thrilled. Please call/email/write your favorite counselors to encourage

them to come back to camp. It definitely helps! Right now we have almost ten guys returning from

last year and the number is increasing daily.

Happy Camping!