IMAGE CAPTION – What we do in the offseason!

It has been pretty lonesome up here lately at camp. Most everyone has been on the road for

camper/counselor recruiting. Stephen just got back from UGA and Kennesaw State where he interviewed

a bunch of folks (basically all of them roommates or friends of old counselors). I have been

travelling through the South between Black Mountain and Baton Rouge, LA showing the video to

possible new campers and answering questions for folks. Jen has been doing the same thing except

she is in Florida (and actually not feeling very well). Adam and Ann have both been taking seminary

courses. Meanwhile, back at camp, Bobby has been designing the new waterslide with Christian.

Speaking of the slide

I have had a lot of people asking me to give more details on where it will be and what it will be

like, and while I can’t really say the second part of that until it is finished, Stephen and I

decided to take some more pictures of the future site, and one of them we took has Stephen doing a

dramatic interpretation of an actual run on the slide. Stephen wanted to tell all of you that the

rush he experienced during the interpretation was almost unbearable with its intensity.

On the counselor front?

We hired Matt Layton (AKA Paintball Matt) again for this summer and we are absolutely thrilled

about it! Also, Zach Washburn was named the Atlantic Coast Region’s Ultimate Frisbee top player for

UNC Chapel Hill. Here is the link to the website honoring him and the rest of the top players in

the conference zach rules (Also, it should be noted that he looks like a manly beast in that picture!)

Until next time!