IMAGE CAPTION – Timberlake all year long!

BRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! It sure is cold up here at camp. We got some pretty good snow over the past two

days and it is still really beautiful outside. Aren’t you glad that camp isn’t like this in the

summer? I don’t think the screens would quite provide the necessary insulation to make it

comfortable. But it might be nice to add sledding, snowball throwing, and snowman construction to

the list of activities. We might even add snowboarding to the list and build a really great ski

lift all the way up to the council ring. Ahh the possibilities!

Where have you been and who have you seen?

The weather sure hasn’t slowed down our travel schedule. We have still been burning up the road

to see you folks during the offseason. I drove up to Cincinnati for a camp fair there, and went to

see paintball instructor Matt Layton in Kentucky on my way back. He says hello to all. Jen went

down to Florida where she went to homes of London Lewis, Dylan Knapp, and future CIT Josh Platt to

show the video for prospective campers. If you are interested in hosting a meeting like these guys

did, please email me and let me know at [email protected] (you also get a really cool tribe

jersey that is the opposite colors of the normal with “the morning yell” on it). I have included

pictures of all of those people at their homes (Louis “archeryman” Parchman also came to the show at

London Lewis’s house!) Stephen has been hiring up a storm for this summer and his travels have

taken him to Appalachian State, University of Georgia and Kennesaw State (in Georgia).

Any new hires?

We are pleased to announce that Dustin Jernigan (the man the myth, and guitar instructing phenom)

is officially rehired for this summer. Which means that almost everyone from last year is coming

back! You returning campers must have left a great impression on these counselors because I have

never seen such a committed group!

Happy Camping!