IMAGE CAPTION – The fun burns white hot at Timberlake!

Is it already March? Does that really mean that camp is T-minus three months until liftoff? You bet it does, and we are kicking things up a notch here at Timberlake to get everything ready! I have been learning to play the bagpipes (to create inspiring music during games like Commando or Sock War) and Stephen has been running suicides up on the tennis court to get himself in peak physical condition for battleball this summer (I promise I saw him do these and he had no idea that I was watching). I must admit that there are still days when my head hangs a bit lower than it should due to the beating we took in the A-House battleball match. But alas, I will perservere!

So what about our counselors this summer?

We are almost completely hired up for the summer. We still do need a few key positions, but otherwise we are all set. I will name off all of the guys I can who I know are this year’s counselors: Dustin from Outback; Matt and Alex from Tigertooth; Joey from Bull Run; James Michael, Bryan, and Neal from Stomper’s Knob; Steve-O, Zach (as CIT director), and possibly Louis from Swamp; and others who are returning from year’s past are: Kevin Wolpert (taught mainly tennis and fencing last summer) and Will Long (the man, the myth, the legend). New counselors who will be here this summer are: Adam Martin, Mark Myers, George Alread, and possibly a couple of other awesome guys who are in the works. Not to mention a solid crop of new CIT’s! We are so pumped about all of these great guys being here this summer!

Any sightings of folks from camp lately?

Definitely! Steve-O, Joey, Adam Martin, Alex, and George Alread all came up to visit us this weekend and had a great time. Sadly (for me) I was out of town first in Atlanta for an art showing at the Roswell Art Center West where my wife, Annie has her pottery (being shown until late March if any of you from Atlanta are interested in seeing it) Visit their website and secondly, in Birmingham, where I attended a camp fair. The good news was that both of those two things were great, but I was sorry I missed seeing them.

So until next time!


(Your friendly neighborhood camp director)