IMAGE CAPTION – Serious fun at Timberlake these days!

Spring break is beginning, and there is much evidence and rumor of counselors heading this way to

visit during their time off from school. Last year’s program director Drew Harmon is here right now

to do some hiking and hanging out with us and it has been a delight to have him! Zach Washburn

called and said that he would be here shortly (actually, he just walked up to camp!), and Alex

Deckard is on his way tomorrow. I can’t wait to see those guys!

What have yall been up to?

Well, besides doing a bunch of camp stuff, I have been flyfishing almost every day after work,

and all day Saturday. Stephen has been in Florida doing a bunch of recruiting and vacationing with

family and friends. He visited the homes of Andrew Deal, Gray and Jacob Matteson, Dylan and Joe

Piechocki, and Bryce Krausankas in order to show the video and answer questions for some friends of

theirs who are interested in coming to camp. He said that seeing all of those guys was amazing, and

everyone seems to be really excited about returning to camp this summer. Adam has been working

hard, and took a break Friday to go rock climbing at Table Rock. He said that was one of the

greatest days of climbing that he can remember. So the outdoor adventure around camp is already in

full swing here and we can’t wait for you to get here!

Happy Camping!