IMAGE CAPTION – There’s no stopping us now!

So Stephen, Louis and I have been thinking lately about the greatest evening activity games ever

created and what exactly makes them “the greatest”. Is it that they involve stealth like sock war

or capture the flag? Is it that they involve hurling water balloons? (Or launching water balloons

at archery targets for that matter!) What about dodging and diving from oncoming playground balls?

Or is it the messiness of shaving cream, ice cream sundae, or maybe mud? So what if we combined all

of these elements into one super activity? Is it even possible? Would we all just freak out

simultaneously with the majesty of this new creation? Who knows? But what I would like is for you

to email me with some of your favorite evening activities so that we can figure out which one in particular is

“the greatest”. [email protected]

In other news

We are having a staff reunion here at camp in December. All of us are going to sleep in the

cabins during the winter. Screens people…screens. They keep bugs out, not the cold. It is going

to be crazy and I personally can’t wait.

Your fearless leader!