IMAGE CAPTION – Oh my goodness!

Greetings Timberlake men! I trust that all of you are working hard on your schoolwork and wholeheartedly participating in your normal fall extracurricular activities. And just when the drudgery of day to day life seems more than any young man can handle where does your mind go? To camp Timberlake of course! I bet you are wondering…where is that monstrous frog I remember from the summer at this exact moment. One can only assume that it is buried in the glorious mud of Lake Doris lying in wait for campers to try to uncover it. I bet it stays in ninja mode all winter long because it knows that the men of Camp Timberlake are skilled catchers of their species.

Well, let me give some fuel to the fire of your camp mental wanderings. We have built a new cabin on the old riflery range. Its name is Greybeard, the tallest and stoutest of the seven sister mountains that run behind and though the town of Black Mountain. Only fitting is this cabin for our oldest Timberlakers, and it is already awesome (even though it is still unfinished). Obviously, we are building a newer, bigger, and better riflery range in place of the older one. And if that wasn’t enough we have widened the archery range and are building a beautiful shooting pavilion up there so that campers could theoretically shoot even if it rains. Then lastly, after a year’s worth of growing grass, our new field “Spencer’s Green” is ready for the upcoming summer and will be one of the sites of our newest Timberlake activity, Minor Sports! Oh my goodness Dan, are you serious? Oh yes, my friend…big time. What will this be like? It will have a bunch of different random sports rolled into one amazing activity. Just a list: Ultimate Frisbee, Frisbee golf, Cricket, Softball, Battleball, Lacrosse, and many more options yet to be included.

So I hope this whets your appetite a bit for the upcoming summer! It is going to be amazing so get ready!

Your fearless leader