IMAGE CAPTION – Ready to get back?

Our recruitment season is in high gear these days! The wildman Stephen Owens is in Atlanta doing

homeshows, and I just got back from one over in Chapel Hill at the home of Tren Linsley! Then

during November I am going to various homes in Florida and South Carolina. It should be really cool

because I am going to get to see guys like Rusty Walden, Matthew and Jason Battaglia, Austin and

Tyler Snively, and the Cobb brothers over near Charleston. I also might get to see some staff while

I am away!

Speaking of staff, what’s the deal with next summer?

I thought you would never ask! We have hired back some fantastic guys already. First on the

list is Mr. Mike “the Incredible Hulk” Denoia. He has wrestling collegiately over at the University

of Georgia, and apparently has been doing great! Then we have a legend back in Mr. Andrew Geppert!

He wasn’t here last summer, but really missed hanging out with you guys and has decided to return

and we are PUMPED about it! Then former Tigertooth counselor (and also a UGA student) Brian Bush

will be with us again this summer…What a stud! I have talked to a bunch of other guys who have

said they are coming back, but I am just waiting in anticipation for the contracts to come rolling


Great Camping!