So I hope everybody is comfortably back into their normal post camp routine by now after the summer is officially over. For most of you I am sure that involves a lot of school work! Well, if you were wondering, camp is still here as you left it. However, it is a LOT quieter. Just imagine some peaceful (yet sad) scenes: The coi swim playfully around the docks with no one to holler “COOOOIIIIIIII!” The Bullfrogs are getting more and more cocky because they know that the Hesketh brothers are a long way from Black Mountain. Louis said he saw some of them diving off the diving boards and apparently one of them went down the slide (without authorization). And only the wind moves the tetherballs gently in the breeze. But on a positive front Louis, Stephen, and I have been practicing our morning yells out on the back porch each morning. Stephen has developed a new “giro-throw” for battleball. It is looks funny, but he swears it is effective. I am also considering switching the directors over to mopeds rather than golfcarts, and Louis is attenpting to craft the perfect “chicken patty” for next year.

Seriously, Dan…What is going on at camp?

Well, we are building a new Timberlake cabin (called Greybeard) where our old riflery range was. This will be for our oldest boys at camp and it will be similar in design to Stomper’s Knob. We realized after camp that we had too many of our oldest boys booked (with early enrollment) for next summer than we had bunks for them to sleep. I guess this is a good problem to have, but it meant that in order to fill the spots we had to add a new cabin. We will have a brand new riflery range and pavilion for next summer up near the new paintball field. The archery range has been extended (by moving a lot of dirt) so that more folks can comfortably shoot. Every year we are making needed improvements, and this year will be no exception. This summer is going to be amazing!