IMAGE CAPTION – Lot’s of newness at Timberlake!

Well it’s official. The summer is upon us like a wild (yet friendly) rattlesnake. All of the little details are starting to get taken care of, that surge of camp adrenaline is starting to pump through our veins and yesterday I saw Louis get so fired up that I thought he was going to rip his clothes, turn green and start breaking things with his bare hands (Incredible hulk style).

What is new?

whoa there is a lot to report. Here goes: 1. We are going to have a really cool trail shelter up above the council ring for cabin overnights. I had never been to the spot that it is in, and I was blown away because it is amazing. 2. The slide is finished. Did you hear me? It is finished. Oh but we are installing a deck around the entrance so I guess it is almost finished, but at least functional. 3. We built a whole new swimming area to match the canoeing area. It looks awesome. 4. We made a stone walkway up to the Mike from the road that I think is really cool. 5. We are moving the paintball field up above where the new field is. We still have some serious work to get it ready, but once finished it will be great. 6. And of course you know about the new field which is finished, but the grass will not be ready for us to walk on by this summer, so as of now we will look upon it longingly waiting in eager anticipation for its grass to grow. 7. There is a brand new rock wall in front of the Enchanted Barn. 8. And lastly, for you hackysack enthusiasts out there we will be selling Timberlake hackysacks this summer!

Have a good one!