IMAGE CAPTION – Timberlake Snowballing

Greetings from Timberlake! We are still plugging away up here, and it seems that a bit of a

snowball effect occurs after Christmas and about now we are pretty much always talking to

prospective campers and finishing up the last bit of our staff hires. Louis has been interviewing

people left and right. I am about to order the new Timbertool (which is amazing) and head off to

Louisiana for some homeshows around New Orleans. Bobby has been trying to keep a handle on all of

the property needs in the midst of some crazy weather and numerous construction projects.

So what have you heard from the staff lately?

I know that Stephen and Joey are on their way up here today from Atlanta to visit and I can’t

wait to see those guys! Matt Layton was here this past weekend and he seems to be doing really

well. We hired another New Timberlake counselor, Benjamin Garner, from Alabama. Which now makes

three UA guys that we have hired for this summer. We can’t wait to have them here!

Happy Camping!

Director Dan