IMAGE CAPTION – Off season bonanza at Camp Timberlake!

So sorry that it has been so long since the last report from the land of sock wars, bullfrogs, large goldfish, and water balloons. Timberlake is still here, and we are really plugging along with our off season work. The new field is looking awesome, our new swimming area work has already begun, counselors are getting hired, and I can feel the intensity growing as we prepare for another awesome summer!

So talk to me about the counselors!

Here’s what we have so far: Rock legend and MTB instructor George “adolfus” Alread; longtime camper and first time CIT director Brent Bundrick; long time camper and former CIT turned Junior counselor Brian Bush; Everyone’s favorite and frisbee phenom Alex Deckard; speaking of frisbees, the sole owner of the frisbee of destiny, Dustin Jernigan, just contacted me yesterday to say that he is going to be here this summer; to complete last year’s amazing Outback cabin lineup, Adam Hess is hired; then the thief of the frisbee of destiny, Nathan “last year I fell asleep in the dumpster during counselor hunt” Mlot (it should also be noted that the dumpster was way out of bounds for the game…but we love him); Kevin “Rocketman” Wolpert has agreed to come back this year; Todd “the wildman” Nowokunski, Paintball stud and former camper/CIT Josh Platt; the glorious man with a million names James Michael Wilson Sanders, Kayaking genious and great guy Bryan Harris; former camper/junior counselor guitar man Chris Healy; Just when you thought it couldn’t happen, Old man River himself, Trey Bundrick, is coming back to be on trip staff; Through Trey we have hired and awesome fellow, Hunter Nelson, from the University of Alabama; Then we have last year’s MTB instructor and Swamp counselor, Mark Myers, also on trip staff. There are a bunch of other former staffers who are on the fence, so make sure to contact them and tell them to come on back!

Until next time!