IMAGE CAPTION – Creating greatness at Timberlake!

Well the camp you remember is beginning to change like crazy! Not only is it really cold with changing leaves, but we have drained the lake to build a new swim area and the new field is almost completely cleared and ready to begin the leveling process. It is crying out for some intense Commando games. I can see those balloons flying already!

A few folks have asked me, “So where exactly is this field?” Well here goes. If you are running up the Paintball trail (or I guess you could walk) when you get to the bend that has a small bunker (to the left) you turn right and walk across that dirt road on the farthest right portion of the paintball course. This road goes up to that old rusty bus in the woods. The new field is across that road to the right and up the mountain a pretty good ways. At the top it has a really beautiful view!

So who have you hired for next summer since the last post?

I am so pleased to tell you that we have two Auburn Tigers from Huntsville, Alabama, camp legend Brent Bundrick, and last year’s awesome Outback counselor, Adam Hess! We are in process of trying to convince the rest of this past summer’s staff to return, so make sure to call or email your favorite counselor and tell them how much you want them to come back to Timberlake.

So until next time!

Director Dan