IMAGE CAPTION – Icky-EE-la-boom-Bah!

So many fabulous changes are going on as we speak! The lake is being drained so that work can

begin on our new dock for the swimming area. This will be similar in construction to the new canoe

dock. And of course, Bobby is about to get back on the previously halted construction of the new

slide. Finally, there is a huge bulldozer in the woods up above the paintball course moving dirt

around an area that will be home to many a Timberlake evening activity and eventually some

Timberlake upper cabins! So you guys remember Mackey’s green right? Well this field when finished

will be bigger than Mackey’s green! And sure, all of this stuff seems like great news for everybody

here and we are so excited about it, but to tell you the truth, the only thing I can think about is

how excited I am because my son, William Robb Singletary was born on Thursday! The Iroquois tribe

is constantly growing, and I am proud to say that my wife, Annie and I have been given a strapping

young boy who is sure to be an asset to his tribesmen!

So Until next time!

Director Dan