IMAGE CAPTION – This is going to be awesome!

It dawned on me today that though I have mentioned a lot about the improvements to camp that have

been done this fall and winter I still haven’t posted any pictures on the blog. So if you will look

up to the corner of this post you will notice some really cool shots of our new cabin, Greybeard

(Can’t you just picture Will Byrd or Bubba duck hanging out on the front porch?) Then I have some

great pictures of Spencer’s Green (and the rock at Spencer’s green which is really cool). Our plan

is to build a huge, multi-sided climbing wall right behind the rock so the folks waiting to climb

can hang out on it. Spencer’s Green actually has another little field above it (which has a

fantastic view of the southernmost mountains in Black Mountain). Then there is the new archery

range and pavilion. No longer will archery have to stop when the rains come. Oh no, they will be

able to continue the shooting while remaining nice and dry. The range is actually extended as well!

Then we have a new riflery range cleared and ready to build a new pavilion. Strangely enough It

looks almost exactly like the old riflery range at this point though I am sure a new pavilion will

change that because the old one was starting to show its age. We have done some other stuff as

well: Bobby made a cool Japanese style bridge over on the other side of the lake, he removed all of

the rocks and planted new grass in front of the Mike, and we are adding another brand new walk-in

freezer to our kitchen which will be chock full of chicken patties for you when you get here.

Your fearless leader!