IMAGE CAPTION – We miss you guys!

So here is what you have missed at camp since you have been gone: Two different dancing groups have been here to rent camp. Apparently, the dancing community of western North Carolina loves us. The baby ducks that wandered around the lake with their mom all summer have all grown up and are now able to fly. The bullfrogs no longer live in fear of their Sunday morning catchings. Instead they lazily lounge around on the docks even when people are close by (They have no idea what they are in for next summer). The Timberlake cabin area is completely peaceful and quiet. I guess everything is really that way. We need you guys back! It just doesn’t feel right.

What about the staff? Have you seen any of them?

I see Alex Deckard a lot because he works in town. He is doing great and living with Bryan Harris on Montreat rd. Josh Platt came over from college the other day to practice his roll in the lake. Stephen Owens brings over his dog Montie to run around the lake and act like it is going to swim but then decide not to. I went and played frisbee golf the other day with Steven Buhrman. He is at school now at UNCA and lives really close to a great disc golf course. Steven if you are reading this we need to go play again soon.

Black Mountain Expeditions

Probably the biggest thing that has happened at camp in a long time was the hiring of Ryan Carlson in August to head up our new adventure program, Black Mountain Expeditions. He was one of my roommates long ago and is not only an extremely talented outdoorsman, but also just a fantastic guy to be around. So we count ourselves blessed to get to work with him on a daily basis. He, his wife Annie, and dog, Stella are all new and wonderful additions to our camp family! More information will be available on Black Mountain Expeditions in the near future. It is gonna be amazing and you should consider adding one of its trips to your summer schedule!

Happy Camping!

Director Dan