IMAGE CAPTION – but we’re pining for summer!

Well so now the ball of snow is officially rolling down the mountain. And man is it ever growing in speed and size. What are you talking about Dan you may be asking yourself? Well, I am talking about the preparations for the summer and the excitement that has already been generated about the impending summer! How do I know this? Just look into Drew Johnson’s eyes in the above picture and tell me that he is not ready for a fantastic summer.

Staff hired?

Since last I blogged we have had a wonderful staff reunion weekend and a couple of campus visits to see former staff. We have also inverviewed quite a few new guys! But just yesterday I hired Connor Carrigan and Steven Buhrman. Wasn’t that a successful day? We also have a ton of guys who are supposed to let us know in the coming weeks. I am really getting fired up because it is looking like once again the dream team of staff is going to be in place!

So until next time!

Director Dan