IMAGE CAPTION – Camp is calling you…Can you hear it?

Goodness gracious people there has been a lot going on in Timbertale land! We have built a new

log cabin for adult staff just above the archery range, traveled to far away lands (mostly Florida)

to recruit your friends and neighbors, and hired back some excellent staff members for this upcoming


So where all have you been?

Here is the rundown on our travels-Dan went to: The Quinn’s in Durham, the Soeder’s in Cary, the

Murphy’s in Canton, GA, the Battaglia’s in Tampa (very presidential picture is above of me and the

brothers Battaglia) the had a flag handy!, the Garons also in Tampa, the Provosty’s in Gulf Breeze,

the Snively’s in Winterhaven, the Perry’s in Gainesville, the Powell’s in Daniel Island, SC, and

finally the Merten’s in Roanoke, VA. Adam has gone to a bunch of Merri-Mac homes, but as for

Timberlake he has visited the Wilson’s in Valdosta and the Smith’s in Tampa.

How about hiring?

First off, we hired back the Sultan of Fun, Mr. Stephen Owens! Then next we hired Alex Deckard

as CIT director. These are two great guys and HUGE assets to camp, and we are thrilled to have them


So until next time!