IMAGE CAPTION – Fall and Winter in October!

I bet there are days when you think to yourself, “I wonder what it would be like at Camp

Timberlake right now?” Well, I’ll tell you…..COLD!!! This morning it was 28 degrees and there

were still patches of snow on the ground from the winter weather we got the other day. I promise

you that the lake is not as warm and toasty as you remember it. But man is it ever beautiful! The

leaves have all changed and are starting to fall; You can see more of the outline of the mountains;

and there is some wonderful stuff happening for camp!

What is all that wonderful stuff, Dan?

We are starting to get some awesome returning staff hired! Just the other day I hired Steven

Menendez back, and yesterday I hired Will Andrews! I also just got an application from Steven

Menendez’s brother, John! And there are a ton of folks who have said they are planning to return but

just need a little more time to make sure about school schedules. So what I need from you campers

is to give your favorite counselor a call and tell them to come on back! If you need numbers give

us a call at camp. I’ll hook you up!

Until next time,

Director Dan