IMAGE CAPTION – We miss you here at Timberlake!

This past summer was an incredible one. Unfortunately, it had to come to an end; but that won’t stop us from keeping in touch! We have been working on a few ways to do just that: First, we will be posting a new TimberTales entry each week, so make sure to check back to get the down-low on camp, campers, and staff in the off-season. Second, you can use the Address Books on this site to keep in touch with your fellow campers and staff. And third, we are hosting a Timberlake College Fantasy Football League for you to compete for a 2009 Timbertool as the grand prize! The group name is “Timberlake Football Pick”, and the password is “morning yell”. Everyone is invited to join!

Staff News

Will Long is now on board with us full time for the next three months and is planning a few home shows, so please let him know if you are interested in hosting one. Alex Deckard recently interview with Montreat Pres to become the church’s new youth pastor, and we’re certainly hoping that he’ll find the right job and that he’ll stay in the area for next summer! Steven Buhrman, Matt Layton, Stephen Owens, and Connor Carrigan are also living in the Black Mountain/Asheville area and we are lucky enough to get to see them regularly.

From the Mail Bag

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Happy Birthday!

Justus Ortiz is 15 today! Happy belated birthday to Adrian Boltz who turned 16 yesterday!

From the Big House with love,

Will Long