As you probably noticed from the last post, we here at Camp Timberlake are proud to welcome our newest intern, Will Long. He is basically a computer genious and an all around great guy to be around so we decided to recruit him to work for us in the “off-season” to help keep in touch with campers and hire staff. The office has gotten a lot more lively with him around!

What is happening around camp?

Former staff member and video master, Chris Galloway, is finishing up the last editing of a brand new Camp Timberlake video! It is amazing people. I couldn’t be more thrilled with his work, and tons of you guys are in it. Bobby is riding around aerating, fertilizing, and re-seeding the grass. Adam is talking to some contractors about adding on to the dining hall (once again!). And all of us are working on our travel plans for camp recruiting. So far I have gotten a few video showings in Florida, South Carolina, Mississippi, and Tennessee for both October and November. We should be sending out invitations to campers soon who live in the towns that we are visiting, but if you are interested in your family hosting a meeting please give us a call. We would love to see you!

So in the words of Vanilla Ice, ” Will it ever stop? Yo…I don’t know”

We don’t know either, Vanilla, and furthermore we don’t want it to.”

Director Dan