IMAGE CAPTION – New stuff already? Oh yeah.

So we have broken ground on a new camp project for this upcoming summer. A screened in porch addition to the dining hall! It will give us some more space and make our eating location a little nicer for waffle and salad creating. I have included a few photos Will and I took yesterday of the footers and porch demolition.

What is going on around camp right now, Dan?

Well, good question. Last week we had Montreat college’s science department on property to swim, eat delicious barbeque and play some horseshoes on the beach. Will Long and Ann Archer lifeguarded for them. Some kids actually went off the slide! Then just this past weekend Trinity Presbyterian’s youth group came in for about the exact same sort of event. Lots of kids having a blast swimming, canoeing, and kayaking. It was weird for me because it felt like camp was happening, but just when I was about to get ready for an evening activity, everyone went home (without checking out). This friday we host Asheville Christian Academy’s middle school (FYI- the Sultan of Fun is a teacher at this school). A good time should be had by all.

We miss you guys!

Until next week!

Director Dan