IMAGE CAPTION – Going down the road for Camp Timberlake!

So even though it has rained for almost five days straight, we are still men of action here at Camp Timberlake. No rain will slow us down! The dining hall project is in full swing (I have included some pictures over there). And we just about have our travel schedules complete for October and November. So far they are as follows:

Sept. 29- Valdosta, GA (The Wilson’s)

Sept. 30- Ocala, Fl (The Klein’s)

Oct. 1- Tampa, Fl (The Sweeney’s)

Oct. 2- Winter Haven, Fl (the Bogdahn’s)

Oct. 3- St. Pete, Fl (the Free’s)

Oct. 4- Greenville, NC (the Morgan’s)

Oct. 4- Lakeland, Fl (the Martinez’s)

Oct. 5- Naples, Fl (the Tierney’s)

Oct. 6- Goldsboro, NC (the Holzkamm’s)

Oct. 6- Naples, Fl (the Whitesell’s)

Oct. 7- Goldsboro, NC (the Hancock’s)

Oct. 7- Boca Raton, Fl (the Renko’s)

Oct. 8- Rocky Mount, NC (the Gutshall’s)

Oct. 8- Boynton Beach, Fl (the Rodriguez’s)

Oct. 9- Margate, Fl (the Palacio’s)

Oct. 10- Palm City, Fl (the England’s)

Oct. 11- Raleigh, NC (the Yerxa’s)

Oct. 12- Durham, NC (the Quinn’s)

Oct. 12- Raleigh, NC (the Schneider’s)

Oct. 12- Orlando, Fl (the Rolls’s)

Oct. 13- Chapel Hill, NC (the Hofmann’s)

Oct. 13- Staff recruiting at RUF at UNC

Oct. 14- Chapel Hill, NC (the Hultman’s)

Oct. 14- Suwanee, GA (the Adam’s)

Oct. 15- Raleigh, NC (the Hunter’s)

Oct. 17- Canton, GA (the Murphy’s)

Oct. 18- Chapel Hill, NC (the Kayye’s)

Oct. 19- Jackson, MS (the Brook’s)

Oct. 20- Staff recruiting at NC State

Oct. 21- Jackson, MS (the Morse’s)

Oct. 23- Oxford, MS (the Drummond’s)

Oct. 24- Franklin, Tn (the Bittles)

Oct. 25- Charlotte, NC (the Smith’s)

Oct. 28- Charlotte, NC (the Howell’s)

Oct. 29- Concord, NC (the Rodriguez’s)

Nov. 2- Atlanta, GA (the McGahan’s)

Nov. 3- Dublin, GA (the Gay’s)

Nov. 3- Rome, GA (the Schrimsher’s)

Nov. 4- Gray, GA (the Lancaster’s)

Nov. 4- Gainesville, Fl (the Perry’s)

Nov. 5- Winter Haven, Fl (the Snively’s)

Nov. 6- Tampa, Fl (the Showalter’s)

Nov. 8- Daniel Island, SC (the Powell’s)

Nov. 9- Savannah, GA (the Deal’s)

Nov. 11- New Orleans, LA (the Rigby’s)

Nov. 12- Mandeville, LA (the Holton’s)

Nov. 12- Raleigh, NC (the Sealey’s)

Nov. 14- Winston-Salem, NC (Sally Harper)

Nov. 15- Metairie, LA (the Silva’s)

Nov. 19- Alexandria, LA (the Antoon’s)

Nov. 19- Oxford, MS (the Byar’s)

Nov. 22- Gulf Breeze, Fl (the Provosty’s)

If you see your town on this list and want to celebrate Camp Timberlake from the comfort of your own hometown then please give us a call and we can get you directions. We hope that life is going well and hope to see you soon.

So until next time!

Director Dan