IMAGE CAPTION – Fall is here!

Things are hopping along nicely up here at Camp Timberlake! The dining hall is closed in and the inside is looking awesome. Did I fail to mention that there will be a boys and a girls bathroom included in this renovation? No more little random bathroom in the closet! Well, it will still be there, but just for the kitchen staff to use. The dining area ceiling is vaulted, and it really does make the dining hall soooo much bigger. We are going to have to come up with a new location for the infamous program helmet because the old spot is destroyed. Don’t worry, I got the helmet before the demolition started!

Congratulations to the first quiz winner, Clay Crevasse! He won an old school Timbertool and I have included a hilarious picture that he took upon receiving it. That guy is awesome. We need more pictures like that for the blog so go ahead and put those on our facebook page so I can get them on here too.

If you enjoyed the first quiz and want another, well here it is —> Timberlake Trivia Quiz 2! If you score between above an 84%, take a screenshot of your score, and we’ll send you not only a vintage TimberTool, but we’ll also send you a customized Desktop Background picture featuring your tribe!! So check it out and see if you are a Timberlake Genius!

Staff Hired:

We had a big day yesterday for Timberlake hiring!

  • The first Timberlake staff member (contract signed) was Stewart Knight (returning counselor from 2 summers ago). He is an ultimate frisbee champion and is fired up about Minor Sports.
  • Next on the list was soccer stud and 2009 staff veteran, Will Andrews. I also hired paintball master, London Lewis as a junior counselor. We are thrilled to have those guys back!
  • Next on the list is a new fellow, Josh Ragan. He is a mountain biker from Carson-Newman and sure to be a great asset to camp!

I will keep you posted on more of these as they come in, but don’t hesitate to give your favorite counselors a call (or write on their facebook walls) to tell them you want them back this summer.

So until next time!

Director Dan