The layout of our new pavillion
The layout of our new pavilion
Our new Pavillion at Spencer's (name pending)
Our new Pavilion at Spencer's
So here are the proposed plans for our new camp pavilion!  We are especially pleased with this for a few reasons.  Not only is this another great location for rainy day activities, but it takes fencing indoors (where it is traditionally practiced) and takes more pressure off of the Mike for programming in both daily and evening activities.  It will have a fire pit off to the side of it for tribal ceremonies and a flagpole to hoist the flag of the previous night’s evening activity winner!  We plan to dive back into the history of Timberlake and carve the banner winners of each year’s first and second session in the timbers that surround the fire.  Oh and Will Long is designing some really cool flags to raise.  Get ready boys, this is going to be a huge addition to our camp traditions!  Below is the layout that we have for the new building.  Did I mention that the view is breathtaking from it?  It makes me want to wrestle and fence!  (I am terrible at both)
-Director Dan