So we have been a little sneaky (but in a good, “we are throwing our campers a really large camp surprise party” sort of way). We decided over the winter that if we are truly serious about making camp amazing then our waterfront needed a little face lift. That’s right, Doris got a little work done! And man are we ever excited about it. Local builder (and a new Camp Timberlake hero), Robert Sulaski, is in charge of the project and has done a fantastic job. He is the same man who made “the Mark” before camp last summer.

So what exactly has been done?

Good question. The biggest thing is that we have added to the size of our lake by a third by digging out a ton of dirt where the road (and Canoe Hut) once was. If you stand on the new rock wall and look across the lake you realize that it would be a pretty long swim to get all the way to the other side! Nice, Doris…Nice.

So what happened to the Canoe Hut? Well, we upgraded that too. I am not even sure the “Hut” title would still apply. Maybe Canoe Palace? Whatever we end up calling it, the canoes (and kayaks) will be much happier! Actually I need to tell you that Ryan Carlson’s brother, Aaron, recycled the wood from the old hut and made a chicken coop out of it. Which I personally think is really cool.

Then comes our new waterfront area! Though our swim dock is mostly the same, we are adding a tower to it. Why would we do that? Because you have to have some way to jump onto the Blob don’t you? That’s right. We now have a Blob. It is getting serious over here isn’t it?

Our Canoeing and Kayaking area is now going to be connected by the same entrance but the canoe dock will extend a long ways along the large, new rock wall (which is also beautiful) and have much more space for teaching than we had previously.

What happened to the road? Another good question. This is actually my favorite part of the project. We ran it alongside the Mike, between Stomper’s Knob and Greybeard (put the creek in a sweet looking culvert with stonework), and up then behind Swamp/Animal House to connect with the road leading up to Merri-Mac (behind the Chapel). I can already see tetherballs spinning and frisbees flying back there between Stomper’s Knob and Greybeard. It looks like a camper heaven to me.

Why all of this work? Because we see that you guys are growing and becoming more wonderful each day and we want our camp property to do the same thing! We are just following your lead. This is an investment in your future at camp and it is truly one that will make camp a more fun place to be! We look forward to you joining us this summer and being the first campers to enjoy it.

Happy Camping!

Director Dan