I had the pleasure today of giving a tour to Camp Timberlake’s own, Stephen Owens (AKA the Sultan of Fun). His eyes were huge with amazement. It was like I was Willy Wonka with young Charlie in the Chocolate Factory! Doris was full of liquid chocolate (Just kidding). Even though he lives here, he has intentionally stayed away so that he could see it finished. It earned the Sultan’s seal of approval so we got a picture of him giving the bear a fist bump.

This is the area above the lake that we will certainly use for vespers, chapel, and evening activities. I think it is pretty cool. Did I tell you that our whole waterfront now has a sound system for listening to music? Pretty awesome!

You have to see this as well. Mike did a handstand acrobatic jump off the tower. How cool is that guy? Really cool.

Director Dan