After camp this past summer Timberlake legend, Mike Denoia, had to leave his post as a year round staff member in order to go do a semester of school back home in Atlanta. I have to admit that (because his office is right next to mine) when this happened my side of the Big House got pretty lonely. There was no one to entertain me by doing copious amounts of push ups, one arm pull ups, or drinking gallon jugs of water anymore. It was way too quiet. But thankfully, his schedule opened up in December so now he is interviewing potential staff and recruiting for us again! It is so awesome to have him back to fill the Mike-shaped void that there was here at Timberlake while he was away.

Oh and the Singletary’s also have a new dog, Boston (shout out to Steven “Sporty” Menendez), that likes to come with me to work. Mike is training it to call references for him. They also run suicides up in the Mike together. It is pretty cute.

Happy Camping!

Director Dan