It’s day….um….day…I can’t seem to recall what day it is here at camp.  The fun, it’s…it’s so much that I seem to have forgotten what day it is in this session.  Today started like a day at the beach: we walked from breakfast to chapel and I remember thinking it felt like venturing to the beach.  The sun was warm, but not hot, the air was mild, and the lake was inviting.  The landscape was like something out of a story book: mountains every where I looked, lush green trees in every direction ranging from Eastern Hemlocks with there long limbs to Rhododendron shrubs that twist and turn into a spider web of limbs.  The sky was blue and the campers, well they were beaming with energy for the up and coming day.

After a powerful morning yell that seemed to spur each camper and counselor to greatness, we made our way to the one place we all know our day should start at, the feet of God.  Chapel was on who Jesus is, and I don’t think a better subject could have been touched on for the day.  After Chapel activities went into full force.  People such as Jack B. and James B. after spending time learning knots and traversing walls, completed their bronze requirements in climbing by ascending the tower.  During this same period of time Alden M. found his mark at the rifle range buy landing some amazing shots and scoring his bronze bar.  Another feat of strength and precision came from Ben N. who wielded his blade in fencing with such grace.  Along with blade work, he also learned the sport of fencing and the names of each part of the blade completing the requirements for a bronze in fencing.  Airsoft is not to be forgotten in this compilation of achievements because one man chose to work for his silver.  Cole J. worked hard on the field and with great success, a silver bar.  Franco M. decided he would not be bested by the warmth of the day and took to the water.  While there he learned and perfected his ability to roll a Kayak, thus accomplishing a feat that takes both time and concentration to master.

While the warmth of the morning and afternoon would cause some to become weary, others, however, decided to let it feed their drive to mountain bike.  Henry S., Will C., Cole J., and John H. headed to Fletcher Creek to take to the mountains and conquer them on wheels.  They came back both safe and accomplished in their efforts.

As the day draws to an end and the sun hangs low in the sky the tribal war continues for the fabled and desired banner.  Iroquois and Seminole take their positions in various activities requiring strength and skill such as climbing, kayaking, tennis, and many more.   This is a relay of sorts where teamwork is one’s greatest ally.  This is Juggernaut.  Who will win, I don’t know, but one thing I am sure: each tribe will work hard, cheer harder, and rely on the expertise of their peers.

What I hear whispered in the wind to follow tribal war is further fun activities such as the roasting and feasting of S’mores.  Other cabins will partake in activities equally as fun.  These activities are a great way to end a full day of fun and achieving.  They build community in the cabins and rest the spirits of campers in preparation of much needed sleep.

It has been such a joy to recount the many activities, accomplishments, and trips of the day, but now I must relinquish the power vested in this pen and return to cheer on my tribe.

God bless, David P.  Climbing Instructor and Big Piney Counselor.