The sun rose over the tops of the mountains upon Camp Timberlake to start another exciting day. For breakfast French Toast was served, a camp favorite. The morning yell was next, with counselor Rusty Walden giving a riveting speech to rally the campers to yell as loud as they could.

Activities started after chapel and cabin clean-up. It was an exciting day with many of the campers learning new things and improving their skills. In riflery, Walker B. got his bronze and Wes B. is close to getting his silver. Down at the lake, Ricardo M., Henry M., Vincent R., and Michael P. learned their T-rescues in kayaking. In soccer, Henry B. and Will P. got their bronze bar. James B. and Ben B. got their silver in soccer as well.  On the tennis court, Charles D., Tristan Y., Grant W., and Brian M. received their bronze and Charlie D. and Calvin T. got their silver. It was also a special day for the cabin Greybeard. They all went on an exciting trip to visit the lovely mountains of North Carolina.

At dinner, it was announced in usual fashion that it was cabin night. Each of the cabins got to do various fun activities around camp. Stomper’s Knob got to play airsoft and roast s’mores along with Tomahawk. On Spencer’s Green, Big Slatty played Ultimate Frisbee. The cabin of Little Slatty got a special treat of making candy sushi inside the brand new kitchen. All in all it was good day, and all the campers had a great time.

Ryan Walden