Tank Top Tuesday: The day where Camp Timberlake feels like a huge fraternity. Starting off with the morning yell, I knew it was going to be a good day. After the yell, we all continued to chapel where we sang “Pharoah Pharoah,” “Every Move I Make,” “O Love That Wilt Not Let Me Go,” and Program Director John M. shared an exciting true story about soccer, Gatorade, and man’s sinful nature. After chapel the campers cleaned their cabins. Big Slaty won cabin clean up with a score of a 9 with a lot of help from Mauricio A. and Louis P. My cabin, Tomahawk, came in second place with an 8.5. Dravis R. and Chancellor R. were clutch with their sweeping abilities. When the time to clean was over, campers continued on to their daily activities.

In fencing, an epic battle took place between Hayes L. and Little Slaty counselor Cody F. Hayes defeated Cody 5-4 in a close match. Swimming was all about the blob this morning. Benjamin A. and Hank B. repeatedly blobbed each other and practiced cool tricks off the diving bored. Unfortunately, the lake had to be closed off in the afternoon because of thunder, but that did not stop swimming and kayaking classes from having fun. The boys went up to the Mark and played an intense game of toe-tag where Ryan C. was victorious. In climbing today, brothers Seth H. and Eric H. worked on the white route of the traverse wall and are very close to earning their silver bars. In tennis, Jack D. won a highly competitive game of jailbreak. Counselor Rusty W. was very impressed with his topspin and volleying. In Rocketry today, campers began working on their level 1 rockets while also learning that Alan Shepard was the first American to ever be in space.

Today Camp Timberlake participated in a Camp Kayaking challenge. Campers Cody A, Cole J, Zack S, and Harris C represented camp in a difficult course at the Nantahala Outdoor Center. We are very proud of these boys for their work today, especially since they scored higher than Camp Rockmont.

At lunch today, we indulged in Pizza, which earned a “Thank you kitchen” chant from campers and staff. We also learned that the winner of last night’s sock war was the Seminole tribe. Beau A. was a hero for his tribe getting the flag and returning it to the Seminole’s side.  Today we elected Tribal Leaders. Cody A. was voted Chief for the Seminoles and Peter D. was voted Medicine Man. Zach S. was voted Chief for the Iroquoia and Joe B. was voted Medicine Man.

Tonight is my favorite evening activity: Cabin Night. My cabin, Tomahawk, will be playing on the slip-and-slide then having a dance party (with glow sticks!!!!) with Little Piney in the Mike. Words cannot describe how excited I am for this dance party.


That is all for today,

Enjoy your adventure!

Cole Heathcott

                        Tomahawk Counselor

                        9th Summer at Camp

                        Proud Seminole