Good evening Timberlake parents! Last night during Tribe Initiation and Tribal Yells, I was struck by the enthusiasm and camaraderie of these 2nd session campers. I went to bed last night with no doubt in my mind that not a day of this session will be wasted- fun is to be had around every corner.

As the mighty Timberlakers awoke to a mystic, foggy morning earlier today, one couldn’t help but feel the excitement that can only be brought by the first day of activities at camp. The pale faces (1st years), having slept the night with painted faces, are now officially part of one of Timberlake’s two great tribes: the Seminoles and Iroquois. In typical Timberlake fashion, after chapel there was a vote on the ugliest “pale face” (based on the ugliness of the slept-in paint, of course) and the winner was (drum roll, please)… Ian Crumpler! Congratulations to Ian, who is now a proud member of the Iroquois tribe.

In the activities, things were movin’ and shakin’. In rasslin’ (sometimes referred to as “wrestling”), both Cole J. and Joe B. learned the fireman’s carry (while they might not have actually carried a fireman, let’s just say I wouldn’t want to go up against one them in a wrestling match). In tennis, Peter D. was victorious in a competitive game of jailbreak, and all the campers in Camp Craft got to enjoy the adventure of the ropes course. Not to be outdone, several campers passed their mountain-biking safety ride with flawless precision. These bikers include Clark W, Joe B, Hughes F, Thomas L, Kennon S, and Christian D. A waterski trip also went out to Lake James today, and although it was cut short due to weather, there was enough time out on the water for Elliot B. to show off his skills on the skis and wakeboard. Also, Beau A. killed it on the skis and Jack L. tried his hand on the always-fun kneeboard. Although the moody weather prevented them from skiing, Noah C, Ford L, and Brendan A. had a great time on the boat, cheering on their friends and watching the majestic rain clouds roll toward the lake.

As the day drew to a close, the enthusiasm for camp was hitting record highs, but, as often happens at Timberlake, this excitement was raised to a whole new level when tonight’s evening activity was announced: Sock War. How can one camp have so much fun in an activity that requires only a single sock? I’m not entirely sure, but the fierce competition that this activity produces can only mean one thing: the battle for the banner has begun. For the rest of this session, the Seminoles and Iroquois will be competing every night during the various evening activities with a single goal in mind: to win the banner and have their tribe become the stuff of legends.

Thanks for the read; I hope this letter finds you all in peace and happiness.

Cody Fisher

Little Slaty counselor

Riflery and Fly-fishing instructor

Proud Seminole