Camp Timberlake woke up to a beautiful sunrise peeking through the clouds this morning and reflecting off a very still Lake Newcomb. Almost as good as that was, breakfast. We were treated to a fan favorite known as geometry breakfast. It features circular biscuits, rectangular hashbrowns, square slices of cheese, and circular sausage patties. There are two real strategies when preparing your geometry breakfast. You make a sandwich out of the biscuit and fill it with the hash brown patty, cheese etc. Or you can simply load your biscuit with jelly and eat everything individually. It can be one of the toughest decisions you make all day, until trading post of course. After breakfast, everyone headed outside for the morning yell. The morning yell was followed by chapel where we got to hear “another true story with John Menendez.” 

Timberlake sent out some awesome trips after breakfast as well. Travis R,, Spencer VG,, David R., Riley D., and Andres D. went mountain biking at Kitsuma Michael J., Peter B., Connor B., Ben A., Ferdinand B., Elliot S., and Keegan K. did a waterfall repel at Upper Creek Falls. Last but not least, Rhett C., Trevor Y., Nihl S., Eli B., Smith L., and Alistar S. enjoyed a canoe trip down Section 4 of the French Broad river. 


The last day of camp can only mean one thing, Final Campfire. At Final Campfire, we close out the session, and in this case the summer, by recognizing the growth of our campers. 




Receiving the camper commendation: Reynolds A. and Matthew G.

Receiving the counselor commendation: Liam T. and Sam J. 


Finch’s Landing

Receiving the camper commendation: Jack S. and Theo T.

Receiving the counselor commendation: David F. and Beckett B. 


Further Up

Receiving the camper commendation: Jack M. and Trevor Y.

Receiving the counselor commendation: Matthew A. and Austin Y. 


Further In

Receiving the camper commendationJames G, Vance M, and Bradley J.

Receiving the counselor commendation: Juan T, Quinn S, and Edward B.


Little Piney

Receiving the camper commendation: David G, Issac H, and Declan Q.

Receiving the counselor commendation: David G, Issac H, and Declan Q.


Big Piney

Receiving the camper commendation: Will G, Eli B, and Will S.

Receiving the counselor commendation: Will G, Bryce B, Ryland K.


Stomper’s Knob

Receiving the camper commendation: Owen S, Elliot S, and Andres D.

Receiving the counselor commendation: Nicholas O, Michael J, Edwin M.


Little Slaty

Receiving the camper commendation: Connor B. and Jack G.

Receiving the counselor commendation: Eiji T. and Chip B.


Big Slaty

Receiving the camper commendation: Cameron T. and Chancellor R.

Receiving the counselor commendation: Baran D. and Ben A.



Receiving the camper commendation: Presley M. and Chase S.

Receiving the counselor commendation: Chase S. and Phillip S.


We also recognize excellence in activities in the form of bars ranging from bronze to gold.



Earning bronze – Grey B., Spencer VG., Owen S., Michael J., Taymon H., Ted Q., and Peter Q.

Earning gold – Phillip S., Geoffrey M., and Enrique D.


Field Sports

Earning bronze – Cole S., and Evans T.

Earning silver – Ferdi B., and Shailen Z.



Earning bronze – Xander S., Daniel H., Grey B., and Eiji T.

Earning silver – Daniel A., Chancellor R., and Grey B.




Earning bronze – John M., Nihl S., Max K., Ryland K., Edwin M., Carson G., Ried C., Ferdinand B., James G., Cole S., Daniel A., Cole N., Travis R., and Evans T.

Earning silver – Bradley J., Chip B., Edwin M., and Austin Y.

Earning Gold – Chancellor R.



Earning bronze – Grey B., Bradley J., Rhett C., Joseph L., and Owen W.

Earning silver – Nick O., Chase S., and Daniel H.



Earning bronze – Will M., Wen W., Mitchell B., and Nihl S.



Earning bronze – Issac H., Will S., Matthew A., Trevor Y., Vance M., Bradly J., Will M., Austin Y., and Cole N.

Earning silver – Tyler S.



Earning bronze – Steele G., Evan L., Tristan W., Owen S.

Earning silver – Quinn S., and Tristan W.

Earning gold – Elliott S., and Michael F.



Earning bronze – Carson G., Tristan W., John Luke B., Grady G., Grey B., Reid K., Cole N., and Evans T.

Earning silver – Theodore T., Evans T., Joseph L., Ryland K., Alexander S., Carson G., and Jakob D.

Earning Gold – Connor B.



Earning bronze – Bridge B, Evan L, Carson G, Sam C, Alex H, Adam W, Aiden H, Thomson B, David C, and Cameron T.

Earning silver – Andres D., Ferdinand B., and Carson G.

Earning Gold – Shailen Z., and Micheal F.



Earning bronze – Owen S., William I., and Tayman H.


Mountain Biking

Earning bronze – Ryland K., Daniel H., Eli B., Rhett C., and Smith L.



Earning bronze – Cameron T.

Earning silver – Tyler S., Will G., Theo T., James G., Diego T., Maverick H., and Michael A.

Earning gold – Travis R., and Eliott S. 



Earning silver – Ben L., and Court J.,

Earning gold – Connor B.



Earning bronzer – Grey B., Eiji T., Issac H., Joey B., Will S., Sam C., and Aaron S.

Earning gold – Micheal F.



Earning bronze – Carson G., Rawson B., and Tristin W.



Scout (white)

David C., and Maverick H. 


Guide (gold)

David F., James G., Quinn S., Tyler S., and Evans T.


Pioneer (Orange)

Theo T.


Ranger (green)

Bradley J. 


Tracker (green)

David G., Carson G., Joseph L., Benjamin L., and Presley M.


Hunter (blue)

Ferdinand B., Sam C., Court J., Edwin M., William S., and Shailen Z.


Warrior (red)

Daniel A., and Chase S.


Little Chief

Enrique D., Michael F., Geoffrey M., and Philip S. 




Happy Camping,


Eric Mills

Adventure Program Director