I don’t know what it is about Tuesdays, but they are my favorite. We started off with eggs, bacon, and hash browns.  Joe V. led us in the morning yell and John H. gave us an enlightening chapel story. The boys headed off to clean their cabins and begin their final Tuesday of classes, apart from Philip S., Charles O., Geoffrey M., Zach C., Enrique D., Ben A., and David R. who went kayaking; and Maverick H., Juan T., Ellison H., Austin Y., Trevor Y., and Oliver M. who went water skiing.

A lot of campers got bars today. In paintball, Owen W., and Mitchell B. got their bronze bars. Rhett C., Joseph L., and Owen W. received bronze in archery and Nick O., Chase S., and Daniel H. got their silver.  Our wrestlers, Taymon H., Bo S., and William I. got their bronze bars. Daniel A. achieved his silver bar in riflery while Xander S., Daniel H., Grey B., and Eiji T. earned bronze. For swimming, Will G., Tyler S., and Theo T. free-styled their way to a silver bar each and Ben L. And Court J. shredded their way to a silver bar in guitar.

At lunch we found out that the Iroquois bested the Noles in Age of Empires last night and we had a surprise visit from Rex and Dex Kwondo who literally blew away the imposter “Prince Edy”. The campers had a quick rest and relaxation time,  finished the last of their classes, and ate lasagna for dinner to prepare for this nights tribal game. They’re out right now playing “Commando” so stay tuned for news on the banner and your awesome campers.

Harrison Horn

Big Piney Counselor

Blue and Gold