As the birds chirped and the trumpet sounded, none of Camp Timberlake could have expressed what would make this day so special.It was more than the gravy and biscuits at breakfast or the following chapel message from Batman about his lack of bowel control in high school, though those are pretty special.

Maybe it was Will K., Zach W. and William G. earning bronze bars in climbing.

Noah C. did some solid work in rocketry as he memorized Newton’s three laws of physics and their implications. It’s always a special day when rocketry accelerates young minds and rockets.

Meatball subs and s’more pockets prompted a collective cheer of “Thank you kitchen!” for our kitchen staff in the middle of lunch. Add a Seminole victory in last night’s evening activity of Inferno and you’ve got a very special mix of awesome.

Then Mountain Biking took a trip to Fletchers Creek with Joe B., Clark W., Cody A., and Zack S.. It was Thomas L. and Walker T.’s first time ever mountain biking! That’s pretty special, right?

Of course, it’s always a pretty special day when kayaking hits Section 4 of the French Broad with Christian D., Tim M., Josh C., Beau A., and Cole J.. They saw some turtles and a great blue herron!

Camp even had a water skiing trip with Victor A., Henry H., Jake H., Conan W., Hendrix M. and Michael L.

We capped off that amazing day with tribal ultimate frisbee for upper cabins and battle ball for the lower cabins, throwing down the ultimate gauntlet of evening activities.

But what really made camp so special today?

It was friendships. It was smiles. It was another day at camp.

Nick Bratcher