Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to report to you yet another amazing day at camp Timberlake. The weather today was mostly sunny with a small thunder storm in the mid afternoon and the temperature was moderately warm, clocking in at 81°F. Meals consisted of French toast sticks for breakfast, Stromboli for lunch, and General Tso’s chicken with a side of spring rolls for dinner, probably one of the best meal line ups you could ask for.

And now for the part you’ve all been waiting for…THE CAMPERS!!!

We will start off by mentioning some campers who are excelling in their activities. Today was a big day in Lake Doris, especially for swimmers. Hays L. and Henry H. both got their bronze bars in swimming, while Colby F., Kenon S., and John S. all received their silver bars with record breaking times. As for kayaking no bars were received today but there was some solid progress none the less. Eric H. got his offside roll and Jack D. reported having a splendid time kayaking on the Ledges of the French Broad River. Back at camp, Jack W. worked on his roll and perfected his T-rescue. There was a stunning amount of progress in tennis with Christian D., Mathew J., and Pablo V. all receiving their bronze bars. Not to be outdone, riflery is proud to announce that both Kenon S. and Grant H. both received their bronze bars and that amazingly not one, but two campers received their gold bars in riflery! Let’s have a round of applause for Cody A. and Zack S. for their outstanding marksmanship! In the Wild and Wonderful World of Wrestling Max L. learned how to sprawl and spin around his opponent for a takedown, while Josh C. learned a superb standup. Finally, Cole H. reported receiving his gold bar in rocketry, but this report is dubious at best considering that Cole H. is both a counselor and does not take rocketry.

As for out of camp trips, there was an experienced backpacking trip to Black Balsam consisting of campers Peter D., Harris C., Alex D., Cole J., Will M., and Clark W. They were led by their fearless leader Adrian B. and commented that the trip was “beautiful, magnificent, stupendous, fantastic, and super, yet not superfluous.” Yeah, it was that good. Camp activities were just as exciting though, and Sandy E. said that so far the highlight of his day was getting to ride horses on trails around camp. As we speak the Seminoles and Iroquois are fiercely (but not violently) competing for the banner. The Lower Cabins (Tomahawk, Little Piney, and Big Piney) are playing an intense game of kickball on Spencer’s Green, while the Upper Cabins (Everyone else) are vying for supremacy in a jolly good game of Battle Ball. The victors will be announced tomorrow at lunch.

That concludes our daily broadcast to all of you folks back home. We hope you enjoyed it! Have a wonderful evening, and we will see you again tomorrow with another fantastically enthusiastic report from Camp Timberlake!

Timberlake, Over and Out.


Written and directed by: George Cauffman, Canoeing and Wrestling instructor, Stompers Knob counselor, and proud Iroquois.