Today was a darned tootin fun day here at Camp Timberlake! Today was Cowboy Joe day, a quirky fella who did everything just a little bit differently than everyone else. Cowboy Joe traveled the land way back when, selling his nut-dos to all the people minin’ during the gold rush in the west. He was a smart fella, makin’ quite a bit of money selling his tasty pastry treats, but he always seemed a little different from the norm. Many a folk said they had seen him ridin’ his horse to the east, and saddled up completely backwards! Some say they can still see Cowboy Joe ridin’ over the ridge of Stomper’s Knob to this day! In honor of Cowboy Joe, we started off the mornin’ with an extra hour of sleepin’ in, some finger lickin’ good nut-dos, and some down right delicious chocolate cow juice. After the “evening” activity, all the youngsters scurried on back to their cabins to get ready for their 4th block activities and then lunch.

After lunch, we had our 3rd, 2nd, and 1st, block classes (in that order, of course), and followed it up with dinner! After dinner we screamed our little ol’ lungs out durin’ the evenin’ yell and then scooted on over to the chapel. We finished the night with hobby night, where we participated in an activity of our choice!

Durin’ the day we had many fine young lads do some tee-rific things! In rocketry, Ian C. finished building his level 1 rocket, what a feat! In fencin’ today, JB G. organized and hosted a fencin’ tournament and finished first! Finishin’ with an admirable second was Seth H.! Louis P. completed the white route on the traverse wall, a daunting task at the least. On the wetter side of things, Charley D. and Seth H. both got their rolls in kayaking and Dane T. learned how to unswamp and shallow water reentry in canoeing! We also had a couple of trips go out today! Gabriel E., Andres E., Hank B,. Beau A., Harris C., Joey S., George H., Christian D., Ryan C., Parrish B., Max B., Noah C., Ben C., and Jack D. all went to the Grey Eagle arena to play indoor soccer! Also Ford L., John S., Brian S., and Jack W. went on a climbing trip today! And lastly (but not least), Hughes P. and Cody A. went mountain biking today!

As the moon comes over us and this fine, fine day and the campers crawl into bed worn out from Cowboy Joe day, we can’t be anything but proud of these boys. Just as the sun sets on one great day at Camp Timberlake, that only means it has begun rising for another.

Night Good Yall, Night Good.


Dylan Scaringelli

Big Slaty Counselor/Team Sports instructor

Seminole 4 Life