Today has been such an exciting day at Timberlake. Just as any other day, it began with a hearty breakfast – eggs, biscuits, and waffles. Afterwards, we woke all of Black Mountain, NC, with a tremendous morning yell, thanks to an energizing pump-up speech by Dylan S., a counselor in the Big Slaty cabin. Following the morning yell, the campers headed to chapel, where we sang several songs including the camp hymn. Then Nick B., ourCIT director, gave the guys some great insight into what it means to be a Christian through a touching sermon.

            The guys were tremendously successful in their activities today. To begin, Chancellor R. hit his first-ever bulls-eye in archery; this is an extremely difficult task. Next, Ross H. and Andres E. attained their respective bronze and silver bars in riflery, where bars are not easy to come by. Other exciting achievements also included Louis P. and Alex S. receiving their silver bars in climbing.

In rocketry, Tim M, Charlie S, Logan S, and Geoffrey M received their Bronze bars after launching their level one rockets. Also, Ross H was able to successfully launch his level two rocket! Lastly, in swimming Hays L received his bronze bar after demonstrating a standing dive and Jahkeem A swam all the way to the fire dock and back all by himself, which served as a great accomplishment for the young swimmer!

With regard to trips, Timberlake was especially active today with both fly-fishing

and kayaking excursions. Our Timberlake fishermen went to the Davidson River where Matthew M, John S, Josh C, Parrish B, Bryan S, and Grant H were able to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation (and also the heat!). Also, Grant H was able to hook a nice trout! The kayakers arrived at the Ledges where Zach S. and Harris C. were both able to maneuver stern squirts (a difficult play-boating trick). Also, Hugh Francois P was able acquire a few skills in surfing, something surprising to happen on a river!

Boy, what a day we’ve had here. As the sun sets, we can all reflect on a fun and

progressive day here in the beautiful high country ofNorth Carolinaand look forward to

another awesome day tomorrow.


Jonathan White