Thursday is a magnificent day,

Where at Timberlake, we love to play.

When we play, we win,

With activities, this article will begin.


Starting at the tennis court,

Pablo V. got a silver in the sport.

Next up on the soccer field,

Pablo V. and Alex V. now have bronze bars to wield.


Mastering strokes with no mistake,

Ryan C, Jake H, Max B, and Truett B earned their bronze at the lake.

Nothing was better than kayaking in the heat,

Rolls learned by Christian D, Andres E, Joey S, and Eric H. were tough to beat.


Seth H. earned a silver climbing up the wall,

Andres E. earned a bronze by climbing with no fall.

Nothing that occurred in Riflery today was strange,

Matthew J. and Brodie K. earned their bronze at the range.


Joe B, Peter D, William M, Hendrix M, Alex S, and Dane T. had a fun day on the water,

Skiing for hours without seeing an otter.

Hank B, Kenaan S, Jake D, Ford L, Tom B, Cole K, and Hays L. climbed the mountain,

They shot up to the top like water in a fountain.


Will H, Mitchell G, Hardy D, Colby B, Grant B, Ryan C, Joe B, and Truett B. are camping out.

At Catawba Falls they will have fun, no doubt.

With counselors Dylan S. and Isaac C,

Safety is a guarentee.


Last night entailed a crazy Aqua-Fest,

The Iroquois victory (temporarily) put the Seminoles to rest.

Tonight’s activity is Commando,

Balloons will be launched like bullets from Rambo


I can honestly say I gave you my best,

Now it is time to put my cabin to rest.

This is all I have for today,

Safe travels to all, for closing day is not far away.


Cole Heathcott

Tomahawk Counselor

10 Year Seminole