This morning at Camp Timberlake was filled with delicious yogurt and coffee cake.  After the manly morning yell, we had a fantastic chapel and cabin clean up.  The scores were all amazing, the lowest being a 7 out of 10!  The camp then proceeded to have a triumphant day in activities.

In Mountain Biking, Hughes P. earned his Silver bar and Joe B. got his Bronze in Guitar.  Down by the lake, Teddy O. and Allen H. did what few could, getting their silver bars in swimming, while Hank B., Jack D., and Jack S. all did great receiving their bronzes.  Over at the Riflery hut, Tim B. decided that he really wanted a bar and so, completed all of his Bronze in a single day!

Some of the campers also went on a fly-fishing trip at Davidson today, including Benji A., Nick O., Webb O., Creighton S., and Michael S.  They caught a hellbender, which is 1 of 3 types of Granny salamanders in the world.

As the day came to a close, we had our weekly Little Chief ceremony.  Campers that received signatures to encourage their growth toward promotions tonight were: Bennett B., Nick M., Christian B., Alex N., Rawson B., Michael F., Brayden J., Riley I., Gus G., Danile Y., Trevor C., Liam L., Webb O., CJ W., Hank B., Seth H., Jalius Baumbanch., James H., Jack A., Nico A., Lkay J., George H., Joe B., Will K., Michael L., and Will M.  Some boys received their first promotion to scout including Dash V., Grant B., Scott S., Matthew M., Hollice S., Dubose T., David Tierney., Tom M., and Nathan M.   Malcolm R., Scott R., Alec S., Micah F., Eli F., David P., Tom C., Taylor O., Matthew S., and Quinton W. received the rank of tracker tonight as well.  Fewer and fewer boys receive the higher promotions so we are especially proud of Jack M. and Creighton S.’s promotions to hunter, Tim B. and Victor H.’s promotions to warrior, and Hughes Francois P. and Alex D’s promotions to pathfinder.  This evening activity celebrates the remarkable achievements of the campers through promotions, wrapping up an awesome great day.


Ryan Campbell, Little Slaty Counselor, Iroquois