The bugle sounded loud and clear over Lake Doris as the boys tumbled out of their beds and down the hill to the Tucker Inn where a delicious breakfast of French toast and Sausage was waiting for them. After washing down their toast with some OJ the men let loose proud shout as the Morning Yell echoed of the peaks of the Seven Sister’s mountains that surround camp.

After an inspiring message was given at chapel by Cody Fisher, Timberlake turned in another stellar performance in cabin cleanup. Little Piney finished with a strong score of an 8.5 but once again it was Tomahawk who ruled the day scoring a 9.5. Standing outside of Big and Little Slaty I saw a camp van drive by with a trailer full of mountain bikes in tow. It was Logan B., Will K.  and  Webb O., heading off for a morning or adventure and riding at Warren Wilson trail. Walking up past the lake the swimmers and boaters were already in action out on the lake. Teddy O., fresh off earning his silver bar last week was already starting on his gold requirements while Hugh Francois-P. was putting on an impressive exhibition off the low diving boards

As I walked down to lunch I ran into the guys just returning from the indoor soccer trip. Alex D., Zach S., Thomas L., Harris C., Jack D., Scott R., George M., Malcolm R., Cody A., Paul W., Griffin P., Joe B., Hank B. and Samson K. spent the entire morning at the Grey Eagle Indoor Soccer Arena playing some intense matches and a good time was had by all. After a delicious lunch of chicken wraps and sweet potato fries, cheers rang out as Mike Denoia announce that there would be a waterskiing trip heading out to Lake James that afternoon. Benjamin A.,  Hank B.,  Frederik E., Victor H.,  Maxwell M. and Nicholas O’B. was a great afternoon out on the lake skiing knee-boarding and wake boarding.  Back at Timberlake shots rang out from the riflery range as Matt W. and Hugh Francois-P. knocked out some more requirements for their gold bar in riflery, one of the most elusive golds at camp. Up on Spencer’s Green the team sports class was engaged in an electrifying game of flag football. Everyone played well but Grant H. and Seth H. did particularly well. Walking further along to The Mark the clang of metal on metal could be heard as foils clashed during  fencing class. James H. came out victorious and a little bit closer to completing his bar requirements.

Every evening at dinner the Timberlaker’s shake the rafters of the dining hall as the evening activity is announced, but when the cry of “Battleball!” escaped by lips the entire Big House shook from the top down to the bottom as the guys went absolutely crazy. Yes, Battleball, perhaps the single greatest game mankind has ever seen, would be played that night in the Mike. And let me tell you it did not disappoint.  With and intensity so electric and evident it was palpable, the battleballs flew fast and furious. Boys zigged and zagged catching and returning fire in the hopes of winning the day for their tribe. Truett Brooks played outstanding leading the lower cabin Iroquois victory, and the Iroquois Medicine Man, Joe Boyd, put forth one the greatest individual efforts ever recorded in the storied history of Timberlake Battleball. Behind the strong arms of Matt W., Jack M. and Thomas L., however, the upper cabin Seminoles rallied to victory in the final tribal match of the night. After the evening activity Little Slaty and Greybeard got to cool down with a quick free swim, bringing to a close what had been another outstanding day at camp!

John Menendez

Program Director

Proud Seminole