Today at Camp Timberlake was another great day at camp! Although the afternoon was filled with rain, nothing can keep the campers of session 2B down! The morning started off with a camp favorite breakfast of French toast sticks and bacon. The boys ate until their stomachs were stuffed in preparation for a busy day. After the morning yell, the campers went to chapel and heard Mike Denoia talk about “who is man” before heading off to clean their cabins for the cabin clean-up inspection and first period.

Campers spent the morning and afternoon in their activities where they have been working hard to receive their bars. Today in climbing, Jack A. climbed the overhang in the mike (a difficult task for one to complete). In paintball, Harris C. received his gold bar! Another activity that awarded a gold bar today was tennis. Hughes F.P. achieved the honor of a gold bar in tennis after much hard work! In riflery, Webb O. earned his bronze. In fencing, Bryce received his bronze. And lastly (but certainly not least) Walker L., Hughes F.P. and Harris C. all received their bronze in wrestling. Obviously today was a busy day in activities for Camp Timberlake today!

Although there was much going on at camp today despite the rain, not all campers were on property. Several young men ventured outside of the gates of Timberlake to go on trips today! The two trips that were taken today were waterskiing and whitewater rafting. The young men that went waterskiing were: David T., Hollace S., C.J. Woodberry, Jackson M., Dash V., and Michael L. Their time on the lake was much fun, and they made it back to camp before the rain hit them. Whitewater rafting today on the Nantahala River was amazing! The sun shone all morning and afternoon until the campers were safely in the vans. On the rafting trip today were: Fredrick E., Eli F., Micah F., Michael L., Jack M., James M., Alec S., Ethan S., Creighton S., Matthew S., Michael S., Sawyer S., Niklas S., Joseph W., Quinton W., Grant B., Gus G., Riley I., Tom M., Nathen M., Scott R., and Jackson S.

As you can see, today has been a busy day despite the rain both on and off of camp property! The campers of session 2B will not be stopped by some less than desirable weather. They will continue to give this last week all that they have in them to make it the best session ever!

Isaac Culbert