With a traditional shout of “Rise and shine boys! It’s another beautiful day!” bellowing out from Tomahawk’s cabin, Camp Timberlake was off and running today.

The young men in our Greybeard Cabin ventured out on their Greybeard trip to Max Patch, the Boyds’ house, and a feast of feasts at CiCi’s Pizza. And our boys took the growing pizza chain up on their offer of “All You Can Eat.”

If you listen carefully, you might still hear the sound of Cici’s kitchen cleaning the 100 dishes our boys used to tear through the bar of cheesy goodness.

But things at camp were rolling forward in the wake of the departure of our eldest cabin.

Nico A. taught basic skills in first period wrestling to fulfill one of his gold requirements. Alec Sampson did the same during 2nd period.

Spencer G. got his silver bar in climbing as Jack D. built a natural anchor.

Allen H. completed a portion of his bronze requirements in riflery by reciting the safety rules and shooting a two-inch grouping.

Matt S. cut and dodged his way to a bronze bar in team sports.

Fredrick E, Trevor C., C.J. Woodberry, and Jose B. got their silver bars in tennis.

Rocketry got a special dose of awesome as it opened during free time to prepare for its launch day tomorrow.

As the evening closed with a flurry of cabin night activities including s’more-making, free swims in Lake Doris, a trip to Lake Tomahawk, and the world’s greatest slip n’ slide, all was well at Camp Timberlake.

Nick Bratcher