Welcome to a typical Wednesday at Timberlake, where things tend to get weird. At breakfast, Greybeard counselor Robert K declared that today was Wacky Wednesday. To celebrate the day, campers (mostly Greybeard) dressed up in the craziest clothing combinations possible. The best outfit was awarded to Alex D. who wore socks on his hands and a scarf around his waste. An honorable mention was given to Victor H, who wore a combination of pajamas and a cardigan.

The day got even wackier when activities had begun. At the archery range,
campers competed to get the lowest score possible in a game of “Archery Golf.” Tomahawk camper Luke P. shot an impressive score of 12 and was victorious. Another unheard-of accomplishment occurred when Michael L. completed everything necessary to receive his silver bar in archery in one activity period.

Lake Doris, a favorite spot for campers and staff, was very active today. Most swimming classes involve 30 minutes of swimming followed by 30 minutes of free swim and time to play on the blob. Today, campers “blobbed” for the first 30 minutes and swam for the last half. Niklas S. was recognized not only for skills on the blob, but also for completing the tasks needed in order to receive his bronze.

Spencer’s Green, a hot spot for team sports and soccer, was taken over by rocketry and wrestling today. During free time, many campers launched rockets and are well on their way to receiving bars in the activity. Grady S. launched his level 2 rocket and memorized Newton’s laws of motion to earn his silver bar in rocketry. In wrestling, Harris C. won a close match against Zach S. and earned his bronze bar.

Tonight the campers will be playing Commando, the most intense evening activity at camp in my opinion. It is basically a huge water balloon fight, with a lot of strategy involved to win. With only two nights of activities left, the battle between the Iroquois and Seminoles is going to be intense. We’ll have to wait and see who wins the banner at closing ceremonies on Friday. (Go Seminoles!!!!)

Safe travels and adventures to all,

Cole Heathcott
Tomahawk Counselor (cleanest cabin at camp!)
Camp Craft and Guitar
10 Year Seminole