Greetings from Black Mountain! This morning was no ordinary morning here at Camp Timberlake, this morning was a very special morning! We like to call it (RDD) Random Doughnut Day! Which starts off with an extra hour of sleep, followed by doughnuts and milk in bed! It was a huge hit, everyone loved it, kids were going crazy! Following doughnuts in bed was Cabin Clean-Up, which the cabin Stomper-Knob won!

Today was a very busy day. It was the last official day of classes, so of-course everyone worked extra hard to finish the requirements to receive their bars. In team sports Zander Z. received his bronze! In Climbing Jack A. received his silver, Hugues F. P. and Jack D. both received their gold, which is no easy task! Also today in Rocketry Liam L. received his silver! In tennis Jose B. and Nico A. both received their gold! As you can see today was a very busy day in activities!

Although it was a bit of an overcast day, the rain held off until right after dinner and decided to pour on us right as we started our evening activity. Which was The Last Campfire! Every guy here was in high hopes! They couldn’t wait until their name was announced to be recognized for their achievements they had strived to achieve this past week. On top of that were promotions in the system of Little Chief.

Tonight receiving a signature was J.T. W., Zach S., Truett B., Jackson S., David T., Fredrick E., Tim M., Niklas S., Grady S., Benji A., Hank B., Spencer G., Allen H., David P., Alec S., Creighton S., Liam L., James M., Eric H., Klay J., Paul W., Jack M., and Harris C..

To the rank of Scout: James W., Price M., Bennett B., Bryce N., Brandon B., and Christian B.!

To the rank of Guide was: Daniel Y., Nathan M., and Walker L..

To the rank of Tracker was: C.J. W., Jack A., Nicholas O’B., and Julius Von B.!

To the rank of Hunter was: Tomas C., Matt S., James H. V, Alex H., Wuinton W., Nico A., Will K., and Taylor O.

To rank of Warrior was: Seth H., George H, Coleman P., and Michael L.!

To the rank of Pathfinder was: Tim B., Victor H., Thomas L., William M., Joe B., and Eric H.! Big round of applause to all these guys!

As you can see, today has been a very busy day, which has made all the guys here very tired. After Little Chief, all the campers ran on back to their cabins to pack their trunks, then head to bed. For tomorrow will bring closing ceremonies, where all the guys cant wait to be reunited with their parents!

Matt Grady

Little Piney