Today was an eventful day at Camp Timberlake. It was the second day of regular class periods, and full of fun! Diego De Sola had a boat load of fun with his fellow Timberlakers Hudson Shoudy and Weston Shoudy in riflery. The Timberlake Mountain Biking activity also began today.The program broke in ten…yes TEN brand new mountain bikes. Brett Buchanan led the way on the safety ride around camp and showed off his mountain biking skills by making some great downhill runs!  Up on Spencer’s Green, Zach Steven scored two touchdowns in his Team Sports class. Also, Carter Boone and Tristan Young learned their D major and A major chords in guitar class while Peter Marty learned his first bar chord! The day was finished out by a game of BattleBall for the Tomahawk, Little Piney, and Big Piney cabins, and a game of Quidditch by the Stomper’s Knob, Little Slaty, Big Slaty and Grey Beard cabins. Last but not least, We also celebrated several birthdays today. It was surely a fine and fabulous day at Camp Timberlake.
An urgent update from last night: Herbert De Sola and Oliver Nicholson retrieved the flags in our game of Sock War Last night, which the Seminole tribe won!
Dylan “D Scary” Scaringelli