The mountains were glistening today, perfect for another busy day at Camp Timberlake. A lot was accomplished in classes today and many campers came one step closer to earning their bars. Thomas Highfield painted his rocket red today and should be able to launch within the week. And let’s not forget about Mark Fromang, a.k.a. Robin Hood, who hit the bulls-eye in archery from 30 yards. Fencing was one of the more active classes today and many campers reached their goal of a bronze bar. Among the fencers to obtain bronze are Clayton Harris, Clayton Whetstine, Costan Holtzman, Britt Ferguson, and Tripp Young. Meanwhile, in backpacking, Weston Shoudy completed the low ropes course while Brycen Young and Logan Brown worked on tying knots. Logan was able to successfully setup a tarp all by himself, using the knots he learned in class. Speaking of knots, there was a climbing trip today that went to Chimney Rock.

After a busy day in Black Mountain all of Timberlake participated in Cabin Night. Tomahawk enjoyed both slip n’ slide and a piñata. Little Piney also took part in the slip n’ slide fun, as well as a trading post raid. Big Piney made ice cream sandwiches and Stomper’s Knob played some intense water polo and made s’mores. Little Slaty was another cabin that participated in slip n’ slide, but they also did some pottery. Big Slaty grilled burgers at lake tomahawk. Last, but certainly not least, the veterans of the Greybeard cabin went to Craggy Mountain to grill some steaks. In all, it’s been a great day at Camp Timberlake and we look forward to many more exciting events throughout the summer.

Patrick H.