The sun rose over the misty mountains of North Carolina this morning to greet the wonderful place of Camp Timberlake. The day started with a tasty breakfast of eggs, sausages, and biscuits, a favorite for many of the campers. The usual routine of the morning continued with songs being sung in chapel and very inspiring words from the director Dan himself. And then there was cabin clean-up. Oh cabin clean-up, what a wonderful time. These campers impress me daily on how well they can clean, which may surprise you parents. Activities soon followed and the campers did excellent on those as well.

In the lake, Andrew Spicher did awesome in kayaking, getting down his T-rescue. Henry Stout and Rob Curtiss had perfect arm entry and head position in swimming class. Jacob Aiken is starting to put his whole stroke together and looks powerful in the water.  David Fryman introduced the pencil sharpener dive off the diving board. Brendan Duffy also showed off his signature cannon ball. Seder Martin, Will Cobb, and Jack Ellis had an awesome run on the mountain biking trails of Fletcher Creek this morning. Logan Brown was able to win two times at knockout in Team Sports class. In the climbing class, Thomas Farris, Jack Ellis, and Seder Martin were able to scale the tower. Nico Leshaw was a big help in climbing class as he belayed for the class.

For the evening activity, the campers got to hang out with their cabins and do fun activities. Little Slaty was able to make candy sushi in the kitchen. Big Slaty had fun frisbee golfing around the camp. Big and Little Piney had fun in the lake with a free swim. All and all it was another great day at camp.

Counselor Rusty