The young men of Iroquois awoke with renewed vim and vigor this morning after winning the Sock War last night. But with another day of new activities ahead, the competition was quickly put aside. Both tribes enjoyed a hearty breakfast of egg casserole, sausage, fresh fruit, and coffee cake before assembling to wake the neighbors with the Morning Yell.

Classes today went great overall. In the first year of Timberlake pottery, Cooper Denning and Seder Martin are quickly becoming masters on the wheel, and Max Rosner made a coffee mug in record time. William Tiller had an excellent round of shooting on the rifle range. Andrew Thompson showed a lot of promise at archery.

Outside of camp, Sherrod Bell, Andy Leshaw, Henry Stout, Logan Brown, and Brett Buchanan went on a mountain biking trip today. Harrison Carmichael, Quinn Martin, Jackson Singleton, and Grant Metzger navigated the rapids of the Broad River. After a great dinner of spaghetti and meatballs, the boys gathered to face off in battleball. Excitement is high as Seminole and Iroquois face off again for the banner.